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The Future

PETROG is a constantly evolving product. On this page we want to give you a flavour of some of the features that will be in PETROG in the future. These are undergoing development at the moment, but as they are research and development they are not in a release timetable. PETROG features are user driven, and some of these features are suggested by our users. If there is a feature or capability you would like to see in PETROG then please contact us.


Many of our users are collecting data for Touchstone from Geocosm.   We hope you are already aware of the time-savings available from  using PETROG’s ability to create Touchstone-ready data.

With the release of Touchstone 8 we are ensuring that all existing data collected for Touchstone 7 will be usable in Touchstome 8 without further work, and that new fetaures in Touchstone 8 are supported by PETROG.

We are currently talking to key users about populating ‘overgrowths’ data in Touchstone. We would be pleased to investigate any other ways of making it easier to use Touchstone.

Data entry methods

PETROG revolutionised petrographic data entry and management and the methods introduced are still the best available but we know we can do better.

We are therefore developing data entry methods based on tablets and wireless connectivity for even faster and more flexible capture of the most highly detailed data needed by petrographers.

We are taking the opportunity to increment the main version number, from 3. to 4. (version 1. of PETROG used analogue cameras, the change from version 2 to version 3 saw the database management system replaced).

Upgrades to version 4 will be provided free of charge to supported users, i.e. users with a maintenance contract (you will no doubt recall that the first 12 months maintenance is included in the initial purchase). If you are unsure as to your maintenance status, please contact us.

Version 3 will be frozen, unless any important bugs are uncovered, and all new functionality incorporated only in v4, targeted for release in Q3 2016

Grain Size

In conjunction with the Image Analysis unit at the University of North Wales, Bangor, we have developed automatic sizing and recognition of grains from slide images. This unfortunately does not operate on thin sections but only on sieved samples.

It is currently undergoing trials in two separate areas: kerogens and rare earth minerals. We would be pleased to discuss other trials if you have an application which you think might benefit from this technique and would be pleased to hear from you if you are working with either kerogens (looking at, for example, automatic determination of equant/lath ratios, or automatic determination of relative kerogen composition,    or any other analyses that could benefit from automation) or rare earth minerals.

Porosity determination

As part of PETROG's data capture process, porosity is identified. We have developed algorithms for using these data sets, together with the images captured at each point on a thin section, to provide a better    estimate of the percentage porosity on the whole slide.               

This process is undergoing evaluation by geologists. We would be pleased to hear from anyone with an interest in helping to evaluate this technique as well as anyone with an interest in extending the technique to samples stained for other purposes, especially clays.          

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