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PETROG includes patent protected technology.



Release date : 2016-05-26

The maximum travel setting in PetrogLite, which is held in the registry, can, under some circumstances, be set at a value that is too large.

This could cause the SteppingStage to try to travel beyond the length of the lead screw, in which case it will hit the metal at the far end.

We have made a change to the software in this version to prevent this.


Release date : 2016-06-29


When selecting the 'Overwrite' option on going in to either textural or compositional logging, any data that will be overwritten will automatically be backed up so it can be restored later, if the user subsequently realises this was not what they intended, without needing to access full database backups.

A new DB management option gives the ability to correct locale-dependent decimal separators when a database has moved to a machine with a different locale setting.

There is now better management of the intentions behind selecting 'undifferentiated' versus 'no information' (i.e. blank). When logging, 'undifferentiated' is assumed to mean that either it is not possible to tell or there is no reason to distinguish. When selecting an item for reporting,  'undifferentiated' is assumed to mean that anything in this field will match and hence be reported.

There is now an option to change sort order in 'list of samples from whole database'

To help re-order items on a spreadsheet report, in addition to existing options to ‘Move to top/bottom’ and ‘Move up/down’, there are two new pop-up menu options, to move further up or down (user chooses how many places to move).

The new USB-3 cameras (currently only PixeLINK USB-3 cameras are supported) can run very slowly if connected to a USB-2 port, thus generating errors during operation. PETROG will run normally but will display a warning message

Camera cross-hair calibrations (co-locating the cross-hairs shown on the image with the cross-hairs in the eye-piece) are now enabled for QImaging cameras (previously only for PixeLINK and Lumenera cameras).

There are now fewer error messages displayed when PETROG has been run with no camera plugged in (or plugged in, but for some reason not detected by PETROG, which usually indicates a problem with the camera drivers and/or software)

There is some confusion over how to calculate Trask sorting. PETROG now reports the three main interpretations, so users can pick the one they want. For a further explanation there is an article on our website.

Bug fixes:

When adding second and third level compositional items to a spreadsheet report, the list of qualifiers was being populated with an internal instruction. This only affected adding compositional items individually (the more common way to add items for many people is 'All items logged, which was not affected because that dialog did not show in this mode) and was otherwise benign. The bug has been fixed and any incorrect data in the database will be corrected automatically.

OK button was not being enabled when one specific sample was requested for reporting, in the case that this was selected from the drop-down (there was a work-around in the form of selecting the sample from the list instead of the drop-down, but this is now fixed so the work-around is no longer needed but does still work).

Grain size statistics report: the mean grain size was only being displayed in the report for the case of an outline selection.

The spreadsheet reporting option to 'Check Unreported' was not checking whether an item was being reported in a Compound Item; it is now.

There was a bug when starting to log compositional data: the camera control dialog was showing the last objective used, not the one chosen for this sample.

Camera calibrations would sometimes save the wrong calibrations to the database.

Choosing Create Ticklist from within Data Entry Methodology was displaying the wrong list (but all was working correctly from the main  menu option to Create Ticklist)

Re-importing a project exported using the ‘PETROG Exchange’ option would show many messages to the screen each needing to be dismissed (but would still import the data).

If clicking outside the data in the ‘Edit Compositional Data’ window and then trying to select, a ‘List index out of bounds’ message would display.

Adding a new compositional item to a spreadsheet report displayed an error – now fixed.

When adding a sample header item to a spreadsheet report, two of the items were transposed so would select the wrong item.

There was a bug in calculating class summaries, so that data were normalised to 100 (i.e. shown s percentages) when ‘counts’ was selected.

Mk 1 stepping stages could have had their maximum travel set too high. This has now been prevented.