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PETROG includes patent protected technology.


Low Profile

The digital SteppingStage is designed to have a very low profile so that it can fit easily on existing rotary stages.

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Its slim design allows it to maintain a low profile when placed on the rotary stage of a polarising microscope. The slide is then held in place with a spring loaded arm and can then be moved in variable increments in two axes controlled by a computer via a control cable.

It makes the task of point-counting considerably easier and more efficient, with greater statistical validity, providing :

This versatile stage can be used for so much more than just point-counting:


As the SteppingStage is digitally controlled, compatible software is required to use it.

The SteppingStage can be mounted on any* make of microscope rotary stage including Leica, Meiji, Nikon, Olympus, Prior and Zeiss. The mounting configuration for your stage is configured to match your rotary stage.

The SteppingStage is also sometimes referred to as a stepper stage, slide stepper, slide stage, microstepper or digital stepper.

The stepping stage has gone under many names in its history and is often referred to as Prior, Hacker or Swift stage.

It's also called a stepper stage, a stepping stage, a micro-stepper or a point counter.

We call ours the SteppingStage.

The digital stepping stage has been designed to replace or upgrade electro-mechanical stepping stages. It is an ideal upgrade from the Prior Swift electro-mechanical stage , a popular device used to point count, that is no longer manufactured. You can also upgrade from other automatic point counting systems to take advantage of the stepper accuracy and the PETROG or PetrogLite software.