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PETROG includes patent protected technology.


PETROG and PetrogLite

Release date : 2016-10-25

Bug fix in setting the SteppingStage Area of Interest for oversize slides.


Release date : 2016-10-25

Camera Presets

The functionality for setting up camera presets has been improved, as there were some issues for specific cameras when configuring the supplementary camera parameters (i.e. not R, G and B).  Also, there was an issue when multiple presets were set up for PPL but only one for XPL - in this instance, Petrog was not correctly determining that the XPL preset should be applied when XPL was selected under Light Conditions.  This has been resolved.  Finally, it is now possible successfully create one preset for all objectives for PPL and one preset for all objectives for XPL - this was not possible previously.



Reporting the same quantitative textural data for each sample in a project can now be done from a single click, instead of having to create a report for each sample. The reports are saved to files named after the samples.

Some of the database searches had been disabled due to changes in middleware out of control at a previous release. These have now been reinstated. Additionally some searches were not working: searching on qualifiers would sometimes give errors and searching the entire database could hang. Both should now be working again.

If the PostgreSQL service was not running on starting PETROG, then the database could not be accessed and PETROG would only run with most functions disabled. We have improved the behaviour so PETROG can start and access the database on more relaxed conditions. If you persistently have problems with services not starting, please contact us because there are some suggestions we can offer to your systems administrators.

Bug fixes

Some Windows language locales (non-ANSI character sets) were not saving correctly to the database. This could cause errors when saving timestamps with times such as “08:40 AM”. A work-around was available, of using the 24 hour clock so that no letters were being saved, but we have now solved the problem at source.

The oversized slide option did have options for both x and y. The x option made no sense because the slide holder will not hold a slide larger than the addressable area, so this has been disabled pending hardware modifications. Please contact us for more information if this affects you.

Fixed a bug in the Collecting Images for Stitching window, which was causing the default Y overlap percentage value to be set to 10, not 25 as it has always been in previous versions.