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A company with more than four decades of development experience. As well as our flagship product, PETROG, we offer a range of services including bespoke scientific software, database design, data management, mathematical solutions and training.

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The SteppingStage mounts on a  microscope rotary stage to allow accurate slide position control

CVS have developed their own digitally controlled stepping stage. The stage can be firmly mounted on a microscope rotary stage and allows accurate positioning of the slide in the X and Y axis. PETROG and PetrogLite are integrated with the stage and can position the slide automatically to suit your point counting strategy.


PetrogLite is an entry level point counting system

PetrogLite is a reduced system that integrates with our SteppingStage and includes a set of analysis and reporting tools.


The complete digital petrography system for the 21st Century

PETROG integrates your microscope camera with our SteppingStage and PETROG’s intelligent point counting software. Images can be built into a virtual slide with photo stitching. A suite of tools enables statisical analysis and reporting.


PETROG is an award winning integrated software suite for collection, storage and analysis of petrographic data. PETROG was developed by Conwy Valley Systems Limited and has users on every continent, from multinational corporations and academic institutions to individual consulants.

PETROG allows you to:

PETROG - Digital Petrography Software