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A company with more than four decades of development experience. As well as our flagship product, PETROG, we offer a range of services including bespoke scientific software, database design, data management, mathematical solutions and training.

Conwy Valley Systems

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Case Studies

Below are examples of some of the major projects that Conwy Valley Systems Limited have worked on. This is just a selection to give you a flavour of the range of projects we can and have successfully tackled. Most of these projects involve levels of confidentiality and so we cannot say who the projects have been for, and can only give you a brief outline, and sadly, for some projects we can’t even do that.

A laboratory management system for a tribology services company. Sample registration, data entry, analysis and reporting.

A complete suite of data entry, analysis and reporting system for a multinational energy company. The system consists of around 750,000 lines of code and an underlying database. The analysis system allows the researchers to try parameters measured using different techniques and evaluate the different outcomes before reporting.  The system has been in place for 20 years and continues to be a global resource for the company.

A set of custom interfaces for a geological services company that provides large photographic and analysis data sets. The software is used in house and is also delivered with the data to allow the end user to browse the data using a variety of searches, filters and interactive maps.

Geostatistics training courses in collaboration with a multinational consultancy.

Analysis of rock photographs to determine what geological properties can be derived from a photographic archive.

Algorithmic improvements to a mapping system. The system was attempting to tessellate and cross reference UK wide data sets. The system was taking several weeks, and was optimised to run in under two hours.

Legacy migration. We have taken several systems from old code systems and platforms and migrated them to a newer setting. Especially when operating systems or third party components are no longer supported.

Collaborated on a project to provide an intelligent interactive edit for a national infrastructure map.

Migrated a legacy suite of Fortran analytic programmes and underlying database from a Mac platform to a Delphi based Windows platform.

Provided expert witness testimony.